What is a Playmate Sex Doll ?
They are completely realistic dolls made of silicone 

that gives you a feeling extremely close to skin and  

both in the movement of their joints and to the touch,

that will allow you to fulfill your fantasies without

any limits. These Sex Dolls will make

the experience more pleasurable, exciting and erotic.

Playmate  Dolls  are very high-end products that  you must handle  with  care and respect  


Where Are You Located?

We are currently in a few provinces  

Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal

We are expanding monthly

upcoming locations are 

Calgary, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick,

Kelowna, Winnipeg, Yukon 

if you want a Playmate Doll to your area send a request

We do out of province travel 

How Do I Make  An Appointment?

At Playmate Dolls we are all about discretion 

These will be the steps to ensure that

To make an appointment give us a call

You will be given the general area of our location 

Once you have booked your time

you must call 30 minutes before your appointment to confirm.

You will be sent a discreet confirmation text

Once you have confirmed and are in the area

The exact location will be communicated in a phone call.

The confirmation text information will be requested upon your arrival and your deposit of $160 in cash or mail money transfer which will be paid before your arrival, plus your session cost per hour

(you will receive back your deposit after we inspect our Playmate Doll for damage and there is none ) 

Our receptionist will guide you to your  relaxing room

where your Playmate doll of your choice will be

waiting for you in the desired configuration.

We don't book with private, blocked or unknown numbers.

We definitely don't book with phone App numbers either 

We do have a system that alerts us when an App number are being used.

After you are done your session,

Let our receptionist know so they can inspect the room and Doll

You will receive back your deposit back if their isn't any damage.


What kind of sex can I have with a Playmate Dolls?

All our dolls, like all women, have an oral,

vaginal and anal orifice that must be lubricated before each use. 

We provide lubricant and condoms for every use 

How do you guarantee the hygiene of the Playmate Dolls?
Our Playmate Dolls have removable parts and are 

properly disinfected with special antibacterial soaps

before and after every service.

Our sheets  are for single use and are changed after each use.

Our rooms are  also cleaned after each use.

We guarantee the highest standards of hygiene of our

Playmate Doll, rooms and locations. 

What will I find when I arrive at your establishment?

You will be helped by our receptionist,

who will always protect your discretion.

The receptionist will confirm your appointment and

if you have any questions, she will answer them at that time.

You must inform our receptionist when you leave and she will accompany you to the exit. 

What will the setting be like? Will it be cold?

No we take care of everything

We offer private relaxing rooms modern furniture & Decor 

In every room you will find a large plasma TV where you can play a series of films that you can choose privately to

help you get in the mood or you can have the music of your choice. 

How will I find my Playmate Doll when I arrive?

You can tell us how you want to find her, what kind of clothes you want her to wear, in what position or

you can bring something for her to wear  

Don't hesitate to give us every detail of your fantasy so we can satisfy your every desire.

Can I enjoy my Playmate Doll at home?
At Playmate Dolls , we offer an in-home service.

Please contact us to book an appointment and to learn about the terms.

Can a Playmate  Doll be  used by any adult?

Yes as long  as your over  18+ male, female 

We consider a couple 2 people regardless of gender

(a woman + a man or 2 women  or 2 men)

Why Sessions of 1 Hour Minimum?

At playmate Dolls you will need to take the time,

especially for the first time 

Handling one of our  Playmate Dolls requires attention and caution.

The joints are rigid to keep the Playmate Doll in the desired position, It takes a little time between each movement.

Sessions shorter than an hour are in  our opinion too short to handle a Playmate Doll 

What Kind Of Payment  Do You Accept ?

We only accept cash and email money transfers at this moment 

for 100% complete discretion, even for deposits as well 

In addition, if you pay your deposit by email money transfer,

a discreet and undetectable mention email will

appear on your bank statement when your deposit is returned.

Why a Deposit of $160 ?

Our Playmate Dolls are robust but its skin is fragile and marks quite easily, in case of non respect of the charter of good conduct it is possible to damage our Playmate  Doll (cut silicone, tearing, marks ect..)

The deposit of $160 is our guarantee in case of concern.

In 99% of cases, the deposit is returned to the

client at the end of the session. (cash or email money transfer) 

Where to find Us ?

Playmate Dolls attaches particular importance to the

discretion and confidentiality of our clients. 

Our locations are a secret.

It will be communicated to you after you have made your

reservation through phone Booking 

Nothing is done through text 


Can I Have a Shower? 

Yes you can

we have full shower facilities with body wash

and fresh towels 


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